Happy couple using credit card to donate online.Bhante Dhammapala is an ordained Bhikkhu (Buddhist Clergy) who travels, mostly in the Midwest, helping others and teaching the way to peace and happiness.  At 70 years old he is still going strong with a full schedule of events to attend.

On the Sunday, May 29, 2016, Bhante was in an automobile accident in Des Moines, Iowa.  He wasn’t hurt, but the only vehicle AMBMS had -a 14 year old Honda Element –  was “totaled.”  Bhante is now “on hold” until we can raise the funds to purchase a “new” used SUV.

We would like to meet our goal within two weeks – sooner if possible, as Bhante is now stranded 200 miles from home, and there is much for him to do.

We will be most thankful for any assistance you can provide; please click here to contribute to the fund. 

Envisioning a more just, peaceful, and enlightened world.